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,, Xiaomi brand has become synonymous with affordable phones with superior equipment. "

- Radek Mikudík, iDnes.cz

"Even the Galaxy S4 gap in performance tests, in practice Xiaomi Mi2s much smoother.

- Otakar Schön, iHned.cz

"This toy is worth every penny you invest in it." Read more at: http://www.mobilmania.cz/clanky/xiaomi-mi3-seznameni-s-vykonnym-dravcem-video/sc-3-a-1325423/default.aspx#utm_medium=selfpromo&utm_source=mobilmania&utm_campaign=copylink

- Adam Kovac, Svetandroida.cz

"Initial disbelief gave way instantly surprise and astonishment."

- Martin Pultzner, Mobilenet.cz

"Xiaomi Mi2S However nepyšní a powerful quad core, but also povedeným display. Complemented by the perfect superstructure MIUI, which is graphically and functionally perfect and fine-tune."

- Joachim Slik, Androidmarket.cz

"Xiaomi MI3 is one of the most powerful smartphones currently."

- Jan Love, Mobilmania.cz


More about the legend Xiaomi

Little is sometimes more or better to start with small things than chasing phantoms and could be metaphorically capture the philosophy of the company Xiaomi.

Xiaomi, the literal translation of "little rice", or if millet (the Buddhist link) is a Chinese company officially launched on 6 June 2010. For such a short time has become one of the largest and most important manufacturers of consumer electronics in your home country , China.

Their first creation was the extension of the operating system Android, which called MIUI. Legends claim that her team worked 100 programmers, and the whole company was forbidden to talk about their own hardware device until MIUI was not perfectly tuned and optimized for a select few phones. We now have MIUI in its latest version called v5. MIUI is 100% compatible with Android.

In August of 2011, was introduced their first handset called Mi-One. He offered a then unprecedented gear and Xiaomi have won the hearts of all. Not for equipment installations, but because of the philosophy that you want to sell it - for the price of parts.

And so the legend in the field of mobile technology.

In the Xiaomi is said that the best promotion is a satisfied customer. And that never stopped driving. Instead of a giant global PR as some have done have focused on compression of prices for their products damn low, yet so that the manufacturer still making them. This was reflected in the interest of customers - like Xiaomi Mi2s at its launch in April 2013 it was sold out in 45 seconds whopping 200,000 units. Now, in addition to mobile phones Xiaomi well versed in the living room, when it began to produce TV and multimedia center called Xiaomi Box.

Xiaomi own several branded stores throughout China and Hong Kong as well as a few interesting credited Records - their cell phones are sold very quickly. The first batch of 100,000 units Xiaomi MI3 was sold for a record 90 seconds over the internet.

Xiaomi is extremely popular in China, a manufacturer and due to low prices and low margins is only this year, the company was in profit. Since this is a company with tremendous potential, and plans to expand logically. To do this, it is to help Hugo Barra, which until 2013 had been a Product Manager at Google.



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