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Нето цена без ДДВ: 3,559 ДЕН.
Производител: Xiaomi
Модел: iHealth
Статус: Во магацин

Health Blood Pressure Monitoring System

iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor, good gift for your family

Redmi health partner, the most thoughtful gift for family

Easy to use and vivid to observe

Using iHealth to measure the blood pressure, is becoming the most fashionnable thing. To measure blood pressure, to see the results , and to love your family, can be easily done in just few minutes.
Measuring results can be uploaded to the cloud synchronization
No matter how far you are away from your family, it is easier for you to know the health status of your dear family, as long as their phones can network. After measurement, just open the phone APP, the measurement results will be automatically synchronized to the remote. What’s more, this device can also set reminders of measuring time for your family, which lets caring family become very convenient and simple.
Test reports are graphed , which is very easy for your family to understand
The elusive blood pressure data is rejected by this device. Instead, the vivid charts are easy to understand. During the testing process, it can reflect your mood changes, track changes in your blood pressure, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, measurement time, average, pulse, etc. Recommendations for improvement will be made for you, according to the charts result which is easy to understand.
Perfect adaptation for Redmi series phones
Adaptation: Redmi/ Redmi 1S/ Redmi 1S 4G / Redmi Note/ Redmi Note Pro/ Redmi Note 4G 
A full charge , one day measured three times a month available
Built-in battery capacity: 400mAh. You can measure blood pressure three times a day, a charge can be used for a month, and at meantime do not consume the phone battery. (Please note: The product contains the charging cable, does not include the power adapter. And the charging efficiency is slightly different because of different adapters)
More accurate results than the traditional blood pressure monitoring system
Testing standard of this device is in line with the mainstream world sphygmomanometer precise evaluation criteria ESH2010 standards, and adopts the U.S. AAMI SP-10 standard ( sphygmomanometer safety and performance standards ) and the European EN1060-4 standards. Measurement accuracy is rating excellent by "Consumer Reports", American authoritative evaluation magazine.

Ова се некои линкови до тестирањето за веродостојноста на податоците кои се измерени:

1. http://s1.mi.com/zt/2014092401/consumer-reports.pdf

2. http://s1.mi.com/zt/2014092401/ESH2010.pdf​



Product Name: Electronic sphygmomanometer (Intelligent  upper-arm blood pressure monitor)
Model: Electronic sphygmomanometer, a portable host and cuff composed
Structure : DC 5V
Machine size: 115mm * 115mm * 66.5mm
Cuff range: 22cm-30cm, 30cm-42cm
Weight: About 220g ( excluding cuff )
Range : Sphygmomanometer range is 0kPa ~ 40kPa (0mmHg ~ 300mmHg)
Resolution: Display resolution is 0.133kPa (1mmHg)
Pressure sensor accuracy: Range in any measurement point , the maximum error of cuff pressure measurement is ± 0.4kPa (± 3mmHg)
Pulse rate measurement range: 40 times / min ~ 180 times / min
Pulse rate indication error: ± 5%, when Pulse rate values​​>60 (including 60); ± 3 beats/min, when Pulse rate value<60 (including 60)










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